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The ‘day-in-the-life’ photography experience is a refreshing change from traditional family portrait sessions. It’s about embracing imperfections, celebrating the mundane, and remembering real moments with your family. These sessions capture the essence of your family’s dynamics, quirks, and rituals in a way that scripted poses never could.

There’s certainly something to be said about embracing the ever-unfolding beauty of everyday life. I’ve designed my ‘day-in-the-life’ sessions to focus on telling your family story with pictures and words. For those seeking an authentic family photography experience, it’s not about perfect poses or flawless appearances; it’s about real life. Messy kitchens, living room forts, impromptu dance parties – all these moments tell the story of who your family really are in their truest form.

The session inclusions themselves reflect this philosophy. Rather than just handing over a set of photos, these sessions offer a comprehensive experience. From the initial clothing and activity guidance to the final gallery of high-resolution images, every aspect is tailored to capturing your family’s essence. The best part (in my humble opinion) is the life-letter, a curation of the observations I’ve made from our session together with the stories you’ve shared with me along the way. This ‘life-letter’ can be presented as a framed written article or a coffee table book, preserving this part of your family’s life story beautifully.

While three hours in front of a camera sounds like a long time, I’ve found that the extended session time actually helps to break down some of the walls families can sometimes put up for photo-time. It also allows ample time to capture a variety of activities at a pace that doesn’t feel rushed or forced, but flows naturally. Slowly and gently, the more time I get to spend getting to know each of you, the more relaxed and real each captured moment becomes. 

So, if you’re contemplating having this remarkable experience yourself, here are my suggestions for how to prepare.

  • Choose Meaningful Activities: Think about activities that define your family’s routine or highlight each family member’s personality. Maybe it’s baking cookies, playing board games, or tending to the garden, these activities will add depth to your session and will feel easy and familiar. 
  • Capture Everyday Rituals: Morning routines, story-time before bed, or Sunday pancake breakfasts – these rituals might seem ordinary, but they hold immense sentimental value. Think about your own after-school routine, or what you got up to as a kid on Saturday mornings before mum and dad were awake. Documenting these kinds of moments for your kids will bring a sense of nostalgia years down the line.
  • Location Matters: Consider whether you’d like the session to take place in your home or at a location that holds special meaning for your family. Each choice offers a unique perspective on your family dynamics and can provide ample opportunity for things to do together. 
  • Embrace Imperfection: Remember, the beauty of these ’day-in-the-life’ sessions lies in their imperfection. Don’t stress about tidying up every corner of your home. Removing everything and polishing every surface can give a sterile feel to the images and won’t truly represent your way of life. The authenticity of the moment is what truly matters.
  • Wardrobe Choices: Opt for outfits that reflect your family’s style and comfort. Coordinated looks are great, but don’t shy away from letting each family member’s personality shine through their outfit choices. It’s actually kind of fun and liberating to let everyone choose the outfits they’re most comfortable in or help to make them feel their best selves. I’ll send some inspiration so you know what doesn’t photograph particularly well.

So, whether it’s a simple dinner preparation, a quiet reading session, bath time, feeding the animals, watering the garden or a playful water fight in the backyard, remember to choose activities that resonate with your family, prepare to embrace the unfiltered reality, and get ready to relive the beautiful chaos of everyday life through a collection of heartfelt images and stories that will become cherished memories for years to come.

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