4 Guaranteed Ways to Make Your Session a Success (Without Even Trying!)


So you’ve got a session with me coming up, (or are about to book one in, YAY) and are feeling SO excited! You might also have a couple of nerves and that is so normal! Rest assured, I’m here to share some foolproof ways to make it memorable and successful without any extra effort or stress! This is the best part… it is so easy to have a successful shoot together, because most of what’s required is just you and your family turning up and being exactly who you are. As a family photographer I believe in capturing genuine moments that reflect the true essence of your crew, whether you’re already a busy parent, a couple, or an expectant mum. Let’s dive into these four guaranteed tips that align with my approach to ensure an incredible and effortless session.

Be Yourselves, Naturally:

The key to a successful session is simply being yourselves. No need to put on a show or worry about what your hands are “supposed” to be doing. I only capture the authentic you—the laughter, the love, and the beautifully imperfect moments—nothing more. By embracing your true selves, letting go of any outside expectations, and allowing your natural personalities to shine, you’ll find yourself experiencing the heartwarming and fun moments even more. When you’re relaxed, the photos shine with your unique story and the connection you have with your family.

Embrace the Unplanned Moments:

Life is full of beautiful surprises, and more often than not, so is your photo session. It’s amazing the number of unplanned moments, unexpected bursts of laughter, and spontaneous nothings that unfold naturally. As a documentary-style photographer, I focus on capturing real-life moments, the ones that often happen when you least expect them. So, let go of control and let the magic of the moment unravel as it comes. These unscripted moments are often the most cherished and authentic images you’ll receive. Plus, allowing this to happen means that if your child gets upset, it’s 100% okay. In fact I love capturing the realness of these moments because they’re very much a part of your current life. Embrace the fun, the chaos, and the occasional tears.

I get to have the most fun when I can show you the quirky sense of humour you didn’t know you shared with each other or the funny way that you finish each others sentences.”

– creating meaningful interactions –

Create Meaningful Interactions:

The heart of every session lies in the meaningful interactions between family members, partners, and loved ones. Instead of forcing smiles or specific poses, instead I choose to focus my approach on creating genuine connections with and between you all, to draw out what makes you, you. Your interactions with each other are only ever limited to a single perspective. I get to have the most fun when I can show you the quirky sense of humour you didn’t know you shared with each other or the funny way that you finish each others sentences. By engaging in activities that reflect your family’s values and interests, whether it’s a cozy cuddles on the couch, a playful game in the backyard, or a simple romantic stroll on the beach, that’s where the magic lies.

Trust the Process:

One of the most important elements of a successful session is trust. Trust in me as your photographer and trust in the process. I have a deep passion for storytelling and creating meaningful photographs that reflect who you truly are. Rest assured that I will guide you throughout the session, ensuring you feel comfortable and at ease. Trust that I will capture the genuine beauty of your family, the love between partners, or the anticipation of motherhood. All I need from you is to relax, be present in the moment, and trust that the results will be authentic and heartfelt.

By embracing your true selves, welcoming and mindfully going with the flow, creating meaningful interactions, and trusting the process, you’ll have an effortless and enjoyable experience. Remember, it’s the genuine, unfiltered moments that make your family unique and beautiful. 

Let go of perfection and let authenticity shine through in your photographs.

I can’t wait to capture the details that make your family special. We’re sure to create a collection of photographs that tell your unique story—one that will be remembered for years to come.

Reach out to me today, and let’s embark on this journey of effortless and authentic storytelling together.

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